Exploring the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake

Before we had left Vero Beach, a friend had recommended reading James Michener’s Chesapeake while we cruised the area this summer. It was a wonderful suggestion, and we have both read the saga. As Michener is an amazing writer, capable of bringing to life areas in all of his stories, we were excited to seeContinue reading “Exploring the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake”

Chesapeake Cruising Continues as Summer Melts into Autumn

Aug 30th:Our time in Annapolis continued to be amazing. Kathleen’s friend and roommate, who we hadn’t seen for 27 years, drove down from her home in Arlington to meet us for a visit and catch up time. It was so fantastic to see her and it felt like it had been days, not decades, sinceContinue reading “Chesapeake Cruising Continues as Summer Melts into Autumn”

Old Friends and New – the Perks of Cruising

We FINALLY left Zimmerman Marine on August 13th, for a short ride to New Point Comfort, at the entrance to Mobjack Bay from the Chesapeake. It was only a few miles, but we turned it into a longer cruise, as a weather front was passing and would go over exactly where we wanted to anchor.Continue reading “Old Friends and New – the Perks of Cruising”

Portsmouth VA to East River, Mobjack Bay VA

We left Tidewater Marina in Portsmouth on July 27th around 8:30, and headed up past the Norfolk Navy Yard. It was amazing to see all the ships and submarines that are docked and/or being working on as we cruised past. We passed a Destroyer coming home with flag flying and sailors on the deck. WeContinue reading “Portsmouth VA to East River, Mobjack Bay VA”

Further Meandering and Musings…

6/27/2020 The next cruise route brought us further up the Pungo River, through the 20 mile Alligator – Pungo Canal, into the Alligator River to anchor for the evening.  We were deep in North Carolina country, with lush greenery all around us, and miles of undeveloped land on either side of the rivers and canal. Continue reading “Further Meandering and Musings…”

Yes, Virginia, there ARE two southern towns named Beaufort

6/21/2020 We got up and moving early from Wrightsville Beach to catch near slack tide conditions heading out the Masonboro Inlet.  Interesting fun fact:  Beaufort, SC is pronounced “Bewferd” and Beaufort, NC is pronounced “Bohfort”.  Googling was done to figure this out, as was figuring out why North and South Carolina are separate states, andContinue reading “Yes, Virginia, there ARE two southern towns named Beaufort”

In My Mind I’m Going to Carolina

6/20/2020 This morning started early (5:00 am) as we wanted to get an early start.  Jeff bid us farewell from the dock at 7:45, as he was traveling back home to California.  It was such a wonderful time with him, and we cannot wait to share new exploits.  The day dawned partly cloudy, light breezeContinue reading “In My Mind I’m Going to Carolina”